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AV Notary Network Founders


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Janice Tatangelo, FounderJanice Tatangelo, FounderJanice Tatangelo established AV Notary Network in 2003 to filled a void in the Notary Profession. The profession was exploding with the increase need of Signing Agents of Real Estate loan. The problem that was very evident was the lack of proper training and support for all of these new entrepreneur Notaries. Our mission at AV Notary Network is to increase the integrity and professionalism in our profession through continuing education and community outreach.
Jim Tatangelo - Co-FounderJim Tatangelo - Co-FounderJim Tatangelo has worked tirelessly and supported the mission of All Venue Notary Network and the Antelope Valley Chapter. As a Notary, Jim saw the need for an increase in training for the Notaries in our region.

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