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How does the Home Study course Work?


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1.  Sign up Online Here for the Home Study Course with your Credit Card or PayPal
     Fax, Mail or Email your Home Study Course Application with your method of payment.

2. You will receive the Home Study Course, 100 practice test questions, Testing Tips by email in a .pdf format which may be printed out as your Study  and Reference guide.
You can also have your Home Study Course and all materials mailed to you in addition to the .pdf file for an addtional $10 shipping and handling charge.  We will also order the California State Handbook for you which will be mailed with your Notary Application & CPS Testing information.

 3.  Begin the course as soon as you can and study at your own convenience and pace. 
You are required to spend at least 6 (six) hours of reviewing the material, study time, taking and correcting the practice tests.
  There is NO ONLINE TEST required to qualify for your Completion Certificate.  

4.  After you have completed your required 6 hours of study time you must send us your completed and signed Declaration-Certification verifying under Penalty of Perjury that you spent a minimum of 6 hours completing the course. 
Simply print out the Declaration-Certification at the end of the course and email, fax or mail it to us with a copy of  your valid to verify your identity.  You have 6 months to complete the Home Study Course and send us your Declaration-Certification to apply for your Proof of Completion.

 5.  Once we receive your Declaration-Certification, we will mail, fax or email your Proof of Completion Certificate to you within 2 business days.  
You will take this Proof of Completion with you when you take the state-proctored test.  
This Proof of Completion Certificate is valid 2 years from the original date of that it was issued.

6. When you are comfortable that you understand the 108 Important Knowledge Statements, you can schedule your State Proctored Notary Exam by any of the following methods:  

  • Register and reserve a seat to take the test at any of our Live Notary Class locations.  Seating is limited, so pre-registration is required.  Please check the Class Calendar for class locations and dates. 
  • Go online to and pre-register to take a test close to your location.   
  • Call CPS at (916) 263-3520 to register. 

7.  When you to to take your State-proctored Notary Exam, you must bring with you:

  • A completed Notary Application which you can download here - carefully review the instructions for completing your application.   
  • Your 2" x 2" color passport photo that must be submitted with your Notary Application.    
  • Your $40 check or Money Order made payable to the Secretary of State.   NO CASH is accepted.
  • Email Registration Confirmation for your testing location and date.  

8.  Review these Test Taking Tips to help you prepare for the State Exam.  
The test has 30 multiple choice questions.  70% is passing which means you can miss nine of the questions and pass the test.   You should pass the test without a problem if you thoroughly read through the Study Guide, take your practice tests and review the information. 

9.  Complete your Live Scan Fingerprints as soon as possible. 
It is taking approximately 12 weeks to process Notary commissions which is based on the date of your class completion, the date you took and passed your State Exam and your Live Scan submission. 

Congratulations!  When you have successfully completed your Home Study Course, passed your State Exam and Live Scan background check, you will receive your Notary Commission and must then activate your commission within 30 days! 

Once the Home Study Course materials have been downloaded, completed or shipped, there are NO REFUNDS.   The Home Study Course must be studied and completed within a 6 month period to be eligible for a Class Completion Certificate.   
Please read our Cancellation, Reschedule, Refund Policy

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