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Victor Valley Class Testimonials


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This is my second renewal and I loved it.  It was not boring at all.   Very helpful, great, kind & caring teacher.  Thank you for making it fun & simplified!!"     Tjiska Cron      July 14, 2010 Victorville - Palmdale

"In my years of business I take a lot of classes - this one was excellent - the instructor was not only informative, it was enjoyable to learn.  I will definitely recommend you to friends"      Linda Lee      July 14, 2010 Victorville

"The class is great!"      Jakia Karim      July 14, 2010 Victorville

"Thank you!  I had great time learning.  I would definitely recommend this class.  It's easy learning and very outgoing, very well explained on different situations and examples"      Belinda Renteria      July 14, 2010 Victorville

"Identity theft information was very informative"      July 14, 2010 Victorville

"Excellent content & examples from real life"     Terri Miller      July 14, 2010 Victorville

"Really helped me be relaxed before taking the class"     Donna Nelson      May 6, 2010 Victorville

"Great learning experience.  A lot of good information given is a fun and easy way"         May 6, 2010 Victorville

"Jan did an excellent job!!  She used examples, had class participation, answered questions, etc.  Great sense of humor.  She held everyone’s attention well"     Feb 23, 2010 Victorville

"Jan was excellent in presenting her expertise and knowledge in a simplified manner.  It was the best notary class I ever attended.  Jan did a great job and I would highly recommend her, especially for the first time notaries"      Irene Rudow     Feb 23, 2010 Victorville

'I learned far more this time than in my 1st class 4 years ago.  Much more relaxed environment, very engaging instructor and smaller class size.  Outstanding!!!     Luann Hopkings     Feb 23, 2010 Victorville

"Very helpful, would recommend to others!"     Denise Schreffler         Nov 3, 2007 Victorville

"Helped to clear up quite a few grey areas I had for understanding jurat/witness situation & acknowledgments for me.  Wished a journal was thrown in as a part of the package. 
Wendy Knapp        May 12, 2010 Victorville

"The class renewed the importance of a notary!!"     Amy Viernas 

"Instructor was very knowledgeable and kept the class rolling right along which make the date go by faster"     Yvonne Caylor     March 24, 2007 Victorville

"It's very helpful.  Makes a lot of sense.  It came down to the point and the examples were great.  Made it very clear"     Denise Zavaleta     March 24, 2007 Victorville

"Very informative & easy to understand to relate to"      March 24, 2007 Victorville

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