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Palmdale-Lancaster Class Testimonials


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I've taken this class before and I wouldn't go anywhere else.  Thank you so much.     Lorri Nicholas     7-22-10 Palmdale

We enjoyed the first class so we came back to you!!!        Shawna Nelson      7-22-10 Palmdale

The course was great!!!     S. June Ellis      7-22-10 Palmdale

"Jan is great!!"     Valerie Strobel      June 26, 2010 Lancaster

"Excellent"     Treva Ross Taylor       June 26, 2010 Lancaster

"Excellent info given in journal and excellent examples but little space for notes"      June 26, 2010 Lancaster

"I really learned some stuff that I did not know.  Jan answered all of my questions.  I like the idea of Jan and Jim working together as a team - besides being husband and wife.     June 26, 2010 Lancaster

"Very good.  In fact one of my co-workers Patty McClure is registered for a class in a couple of weeks"     Diana Hutchison    June 26, 2010 Lancaster

"The instructor made the class session very enjoyable and made sure to make the learning easy to understand.  I would highly recommend this class to everyone"   Brenda May     May 8, 2010 Lancaster 

"I could not imagine taking the class from anyone else!  Jan makes, what could be a long & boring class, very interesting & fun so you learn more.   "A lot to learn in a short period of time"     Lorene Brown    April 23, 2010 Palmdale

"Even as a renewing Notary, I learned something new!"     Glenita Henry     April 23, 2010 Palmdale

"Jan's the Bomb!"      Kathy Rendon      Feb 23, 2010 Victorville - Lancaster

"Jan was great.  Please send me emails on your classes.  You were a lot of fun.  Thank you!"     Maria Vidal     Jan 23, 2009 Lancaster                     

"Your acting is so cute.  Keep it.  Makes examples and class funny"      Juline Murphy      Jan 23, 2009 Lancaster

"I was able to understand concepts that I had not understood in the past years.  Very enjoyable instructor!  Great knowledge!!"     Lidia Montoya  Jan 23, 2009 Lancaster

"Your class was extremely easy to attend & enjoyable.  I never thought I'd say that about a notary class!  I'll never go 'down below' to LA again for a Notary related class again.   Loved it & your class!     Mary J. Bozigian       Jan 23, 2009 Lancaster

" Good instructor.   Very knowledgeable with practical information!"     11-14-06 Palmdale

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