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Bakersfield - Kern County Testimonials


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A!   The number system for Live Scan was great.      Robert Keleher  8-4-10 Bakersfield

"Jan made a very dry subject interesting and understandable.  Thank you!"     Vicki Utt     July 1, 2010 Bakersfield

"I was very impressed with the class and the teacher.  I feel that having a smaller class greatly contributed to my ability to learn all the necessary requirements to this job well.    Robin Wedding      July 1, 2010 Bakersfield

"Thank you Jan.  Great class!"     Loretta Waddle     May 21, 2010 Bakersfield

"A+   Excellent class"     Debbie Pappas     May 21, 2010 Bakersfield

"Extremely knowledgeable instructor.  Presented in easily understandable language"     May 21, 2010 Bakersfield

"I love your class.  Everything was understood"     May 21, 2010 Bakersfield

"Jan was clear and concise in her presentation of the information"      Tabitha Causey     May 21, 2010 Bakersfield

"The person teaching was perfect.  Explained the material very well and exceeded my expectations.  A+"     Gricel Anaya     April 30, 2010 Bakersfield 

"Excellent experience"     Margaret McCalf      April 30, 2010 Bakersfield

"Awesome class!  I learned more today then my last 2 commission classes"      Cynthia Thompson     April 30, 2010 Bakersfield

"Interactive, informative & reinforced rules.  Some spelling errors are in the packet other than that, great class!"     April 30, 2010 Bakersfield

"I plan to tell all my notary friends about AV Notary and Jan Tatangelo.  This presentation is far superior to my former notary class"     Ms Andrews     April 30, 2010 Bakersfield

"I like the way of the class"     Oct 20, 2007  Bakersfield

"Terrific!  Thank you!"       Sept 14, 2007 Bakersfield

"I was happy to see that you were up beat and kept things going"      Sept 14, 2007 Bakersfield

"Very good presentation of the information we need to know to pass the test and to protect ourselves"      Sandra Woodhuff      July 20, 2007 Bakersfield

"Extremely enjoyed Jan.  She was clear, concise and explained everything clearly"      Helen Prine      July 20, 2007 Bakersfield

"The instructor was knowledgeable and entertaining.  She made what could have been a long, possibly boring class, extremely interesting and informative"     July 20, 2007 Bakersfield

"Instructor was very helpful and very humorous"       July 20, 2007 Bakersfield

"Very informative - great instructor.  Made learning fun"      Barbara Norcross      May 18, 2007 Bakersfield

"Very good information.  Direct & to the point"       March 9, 2010 Bakersfield

"I wish I had this class when I started as a Notary"      Mike Funz      Feb 16, 2007  Bakersfield

"Very informative. Helped to clear some issues I didn't understand"      Feb 16, 2007  Bakersfield

"The wording in the workbook made everything easy to understand"      Lorie Spangler      Feb 16, 2007  Bakersfield

"I loved your class.  Your energy was refreshing"   Thank you!     Marissa Cruz      Feb 16, 2007  Bakersfield

"Class & instructor & materials were great.  Proctor forgot test materials so we had to reschedule test time.  What's up with that?"      Jan 6, 2007 Bakersfield

"The class was great!  Unfortunately the Proctor came with the testing supplies"       Jan 6, 2007 Bakersfield

"Great!"          Jan 6, 2007 Bakersfield

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