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What's an Acknowledgment?  What's a Jurat?


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What is an Acknowledgement?
This type of notarization is the most common type of notarial act.  It is required on Deeds, Powers of Attorneys and many other types of documents that are publicly recorded or have “executable” clauses.

The main purpose of the Acknowledgment is to positively identify you and verify that you signed your document under your ‘authorized capacity’ – whatever that capacity is.  

You do not have to sign your document in front of the Notary, but must ‘acknowledge’ that you did sign the document if you had signed it before going to the notary. 

What is a Jurat?
This type of notarization is required when you, the signer, must declare to the truth of the contents of your document.  It is normally used on Affidavits or possibly when you have to verify & prove specific details in your document. 

The main purpose of a Jurat is to prove that you, the Signer, told the truth about information in your document under the penalty of perjury when you had it notarized.  You, the Signer, must ‘swear to a Supreme Being’ or ‘affirm on your personal honor’ that everything in your document is true and correct.   You are required to sign your document in front of the notary for jurats and required to swear or affirm on your personal honot  by taking an Oath/Affirmation before the notary verifying the truth of the information in your document.  

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